A Serpentine Path Cover
A Serpentine Path Cover

A Serpentine Path: Mysteries of the Goddess by Carol P. Christ


“An evocative celebration of Cretan–and female–power.” Kirkus

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A Serpentine Path CoverA Serpentine Path: Mysteries of the Goddess is Carol P. Christ’s moving memoir of her journey from death to rebirth and regeneration, culminating on the first Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete. Having left behind the male God of traditional religion who rules the world from outside it, Christ hopes that the Goddess can help her manifest her heart’s desires. Deeply disappointed, she discovers the Goddess as a personal presence who is always with her and every other individual in the world, but whose power is not omnipotence. The mystery of the Goddess is revealed at the ancient site of Kato Zakros in Crete as the dance of life: a serpentine path with no beginning and no end, into the darkness, into the light, and back again. Thea-logy, reflection on the meaning of Goddess, emerges from and takes root in a woman’s embodied experience, inspiring others to join the dance.

Editorial Reviews

“An evocative celebration of Cretan–and female–power.” Kirkus
“Like Sappho, the great poet of Aphrodite, (Carol) Christ, agonizing over whether she will ever again experience love, ‘has words with’ her Goddess. The Goddess grants her a healing vision, and Christ ends the book in a new flowering of self-confidence and self-love.” Patricia Monaghan, Choice

“(Carol)Christ writes with great courage and honesty.” Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and City of Refuge

“In this ‘narrative theology,’ (Carol) Christ shares the spiritual lessons she learns as she seeks to understand her relation to the ground of all Being. Her quest with the Goddess begins out of a jarring sense of loss and abandonment caused by the death of her mother and leads her to an exhilarating experience of healing and rebirth. Her journey confirms for her as well the relational and embodied character women’s experience of the divine. Luminous prose.” Booklist

This book changed my life.” Gina Messina, Founder of The FAR Press and co-founder of FeminismandReligion.com

“In A Serpentine Path, Carol Christ recreates the wonderful healing journey she leads in Crete for women reclaiming their connection to the sacred feminine. As we ascend with her to mountaintop shrines and climb deep into sacred caves she helps us reconnect with the spirit of the ancient pre-patriarchal Goddess that is a living entity in this fertile land and culture. Christ invites the reader into the deeply revealing story of her own spiritual awakening and we, too, are transformed.” Maureen Murdock, author of The Heroine’s Journey

“Many artists and writers have journeyed through Greece to reconnect with deep and mysterious sources of creativity and joy. Recently Carol Christ, a well-known feminist author and theologian, discovered for herself the transformative powers of the Cretan landscape. In A Serpentine Path, she reveals what Greece has taught her as she leads a group of North American women on a healing pilgrimage to the sites and shrines where female divinity was worshipped. Her profoundly spiritual story will be an inspiration to people who long to remember, renew, and reinvent ancient forms of Goddess rituals and magic.” Naomi Goldenberg, author of The Changing of the Gods

“In her lyrical and intensely honest book Carol Christ communicates both the joy of new vision and the pain that gives it birth. The brilliant and courageous author of such feminist classics as Diving Deep and Surfacing and Laughter of Aphrodite felt she could no longer trust herself, her deepest feelings and intuitions, the Goddess … or life itself. Then during a trip to the mountaintop shrines and sacred caves of Crete, she gradually discovered her own inner strength and eventually learned that she is not alone.” Christine Downing, author of The Goddess and Women’s Mysteries

About the Author

Version 2Carol P. Christ, Ph.D., Yale, author of eight ground-breaking books on women and religion, is a leading feminist theologian and historian of religion who was named one of the most influential voices in the Goddess movement. She leads the life-transforming Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete in Spring and Fall (www.goddessaridne.org). She received two National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships and has taught at Harvard, Columbia, and Claremont Graduate University. She lives in Greece where she is active in the Green Party and works with World Wildlife Fund.

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